The inspiration for the logo of Christian Life Community (CLC), USA – Western Region originated in CLC’s founding year of 1563. From its beginning came the founding of the Marian Congregations and their symbol, adopting the “P” over the “X” (for the Greek, “Christus”). The inserted “M” illustrated that the Congregations were put under the patronage of Mary, the mother of Jesus. In the CLC Western Region, we illustrate the union of the worldwide movement of Christian Life Community with a contemporized Ignatian sunburst surrounding the letters.

We find our rich diversity of age and ethnic cluster groups well represented by the image of a “mixed salad,” that is, many different types of graced “ingredients” that come together to complement one another and make one Godly feast. The multi-colored rays reaching inward reflect that we open ourselves to the spiritual outreach of God’s love that shines forth into each person who joins our way of life, forming a link among our rich human diversity and signifying our claim to community. This diversity is represented by group cluster colors in which we hope all members can find a connection. We recognize the Vietnamese Dông Hành, Companions of Christ, with Vietnamese flag colors of yellow and red. We depict the Korean CLC with the Korean flag colors of red and blue. We represent our Young Adult communities through our three Jesuit universities of the Western Region, along with recognizing the English speaking Adult cluster groups that gather near them: in the Southern Section and Los Angeles, with Loyola Marymount University’s crimson and gray; in the Santa Clara Valley, with Santa Clara University’s red and white; and in San Francisco, with the University of San Francisco’s green and gold. We also acknowledge Sacramento with Jesuit High School’s red and white. Within these cluster groups we also embrace a greater variety of races. We have chosen to highlight our African American and Hispanic members and our desire to welcome ever more members from these particular ethnic groups.

Our regional membership and goals extend to a universal partnership. The single colored (blue) rays reaching outward represent our worldwide communal call of a faith that does justice, always as companions in service with and for others.