Our groups are small, usually six to ten members. We meet regularly in order to develop friendship and a community spirit among ourselves by praying, sharing our life experiences together, helping and supporting each other in our Christian faith and our daily lives. Meetings are held, usually in our homes, at intervals decided by the group (usually biweekly or monthly), and lasting one and a half or two hours.

Since our communities are based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, groups try to include elements of the Exercises in their group meetings.  In the Western Region, this format is adapted to groups of Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, and English-speaking backgrounds.   The pattern of meetings varies depending on the age, culture, and experience of the members, but most of the following are included in a group's meeting:
Short check-in:
How has God been present in my life since the last meeting?
Where have I experienced God's presence?
When I felt disconnected from God?
Opening prayer
Praying for a grace:
The community recalls the grace that it formulated at its previous meeting and how it has experienced that grace.
Reflection and sharing on the evening's topic.
Formulate grace for next meeting.
Review of meeting:
How was I moved during this meeting?
Where did I feel positive energy?
Where did I feel discomfort?
Closing Prayer

Each CLC group is autonomous and finds the form of meeting best suited to the needs of its members, within the spirit of the "General Principles" and in our U.S. context.

Each community aims to embody the characteristics of community, spirituality and mission. In each meeting, during the sharing and planning, members review their individual and corporate mission which is carried out primarily outside the meetings.