The Vision of the National Christian Life Community (NCLC) of the United States of America is the shared vision of the entire World Christian Life Community, as articulated in our General Principles.

We are a worldwide movement of Christians "who want to follow Jesus Christ more closely and work with Him" to build God’s reign. We seek to bear witness "to those human and Gospel values ... which affect the dignity of the person, the welfare of the family and the integrity of creation ... especially aware of the pressing need to work for justice through a preferential option for the poor and a simple life style." (GP-4)

As a "particular vocation with the church" and "to prepare ourselves more effectively for apostolic witness and service in our daily environment, we assemble in community those who feel a more urgent need to unite their human life in all its dimensions with the fullness of their Christian faith" (GP-4). "We hold the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius as the specific source and the characteristic instrument of our spirituality ... which opens and disposes us to whatever God wishes in each concrete situation of our daily life."

In short, we envision ourselves as missioned, discerning communities. "The field of CLC mission knows no limits; it extends both to the church and the world, in order to bring the Gospel of salvation to all people .. by opening hearts to conversion and struggling to change oppressive structures."


The Mission of CLC-USA is to enable the widespread sharing and authentic living of our vision in the Church and culture of the United States of America. Local communities share this responsibility for sharing and living our CLC vision. We seek to provide interested and affiliated communities with resources that flow out of our vision. These aim to help with the formation of community members in responding to God's call to serve individual persons and society. 


The Values of NCLC flow from our Vision and Mission. They are useful as evaluative criteria, to help us ensure that all decision making is consistent with our charism regarding, for example, the structures we adopt, the goals we set, the resources we expend, and the programs we initiate. While more specific values may emerge and compel their use at certain times, the following values seem to us primary and perennial.

FORMATION: To motivate and form members and their communities in light of the General Principles. Formation is authenticated through mutual accountability, acknowledged to be on-going, and accepted as the continual process and a purpose of our CLC way of life.

MISSION/JUSTICE: To stimulate, both personally and corporately, a spirit of apostolic service in daily living. Such a spirit develops mature and active witnesses for the service of the faith and the promotion of justice in our family, workplace, church, town, nation and planet.

INTERNAL FREEDOM: To facilitate a spiritual indifference that opens individuals and communities to God's design for them. This freedom enables an ever deepening relationship with the Lord, nourishes strong bonds of human affection, and sustains a commitment to build God’s reign in the world.

PROPHESY: To allow prophetic voices to be heard in our midst. These voices call us to be who we claim to be and challenge us to search always for the greater good.

COLLABORATION: To foster frequent communication and networking among member communities, with the Society of Jesus in particular, and with other movements or organizations whose vision or experience complements our own. Collaboration strengthens our community-held vision internally as well as offers our charism in service to others.

DISCERNING LEADERSHIP: To exercise governance or authority in a style modeled on the discernment method of Ignatian spirituality. Doing so develops well formed and informed leaders, both for the accomplishment of NCLC's mission and for the leadership needs of the Church at large.

Note: The original Vision, Mission, Values Statement was approved as a Preamble to the By-Laws of the NCLC at the Delegate Assembly in Omaha, Nebraska, July 31, 1990. It was revised and approved on July 29, 2000 by the National Coordinating Council of the NCLC (along with a variety of changes to NCLC's By-Laws).